Automated Content Marketing Decisions

StageRight® is a powerful “digital content decisioning” system and learning engine that blends insights gathered from live buyer persona interviews with actual performance metrics to accelerate automated content marketing successes.

By combining state-of-the-art “decision sciences” with sentiment analysis and big-data trending, StageRight empowers companies to address real voice-of-customer insights, by revealing both the most important issues to address at each stage of the sales cycle, alongside the optimum mix of content types and trending keywords required to rapidly convert prospects into customers.

What is Digital Content Decisioning?

A programmatic approach to predictive content marketing that marries insights derived from live, voice-of-customer interviews with persona-specific, trending content types, to devise blueprints for a highly-strategic content marketing ecosystem.

These detailed plans provide:

  • unparalleled visibility into your buyers’ business drivers
  • the best possible metrics-driven content marketing development decisions
  • research-derived predictive lead scoring and prospect nurturing

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