About StageRight

Mapping the Buyer’s Journey
The first dedicated Digital Content Decisioning system, StageRight assists marketers in determining the optimum mix of content: exactly what buyer “insights” should be addressed, what content is trending highest, at what points in the sales cycle, on what platform, and in which channels. This content “ecosystem” is diagrammed in detail to support each class of “buyers’-journeys” to becoming customers. Leveraging big data mining and historical performance metrics, StageRight directs the development of highly researched and detailed, consolidated persona sets, specifies prevalently trending, stage-specific content types, segments development efforts into present, past, and on-deck lifecycles, and strategically targets the addressing of important buyer insights into the right stages of the sales cycle.

StageRight software provides straightforward, customizable points of integration for all major marketing automation tools, while leveraging the latest industry innovations in Big Data mining, to provide unparalleled visibility into highly-optimized content marketing best practices.

StageRight elicits true “voice-of-customer” insights, through live, unscripted, one-on-one buyer persona interviews, constructed to elicit specific classes of meaningful buyer insights. Our researchers combine a wide array of customers, providing a detailed understanding of purchasing motivations and processes, resulting in robust, “consolidated” buyer persona sets.

Our researchers meticulously study, tag, categorize, and notate highly-influential insights, consolidating similar personas based on overarching commonalities. Big data analytics combine with historical performance metrics to uncover optimized content marketing strategies that drive high-velocity campaign successes.

Human and computer research are blended through sophisticated computer algorithms that dictate the optimum content type, message, platform and channel, as well as providing “predictive lead nurturing” score modeling. This custom-designed blueprint provides persistent visibility into the “buyer’s journey” while continuously learning and improving strategies to mature “Content Decisioning” effectiveness.

StageRight Research, Inc.
Based in Southern California, StageRight Research is a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to advancing a better understanding of the buyer’s journey. We conduct live, one-on-one interviews with all levels of prospects, from consumers through C-Level executives, to gain real insight into customers’ actual motivations. Our analysts use StageRight Software to record, examine, rate, consolidate, and fine-tune custom-tailored buyer-persona sets. StageRight then integrates dynamic metrics from currently trending content classes, predictive lead score modeling, and actual, historical content performance data, to provide our clients with persistent visibility into highly effective Digital Content Decisioning best practices.